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Zleć transport

Due to the marketing of the Blumen Transporte, we have established a mountain bike groupe (Blumen TEAM), which should associate our service and the relation to the sport.
Our Service

We provide services throughout Europe (preferred destinations are Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic states).

We take pride in our rich experience demonstrated with our service. We strive to achieve success and satisfaction for our customers. Our cars can be found daily in every European country. Thus, we can guarantee effectiveness.

We have all the legally required licenses, certifications and insurance you would expect in a professional company such as ours.

Our additional advantage is the flexibility - every freight that has been entrusted to us is treated as a priority.

To advertise Blumen Transporte, we have created the MTB cycling team [BlumenTEAM]. This brings our name to the public with pride; reminding everyone of our existence through the team!